Singing to the Stones

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Pshada, Russia

This region of South-West Russia has many, many dolmen which are in excellent condition. This small dolmen near to where we were lodging, was the first I managed to get a reading on. The night prior to this I had a terrible argument with another lady on the tour. She said the whole idea of getting electricity out of rocks was stupid and it was against everything she knew about physics. I had a dreadful nights sleep and decided to stay at the house, instead of visiting some dolmen elsewhere with the rest of the tour. This gave me the opportunity to experiment on a small, local dolmen a couple of minutes walk away. I played it some Beatles and to my astonishment managed to get a tiny amount of electricity out of it (after the song had finished). Not enough for anyone to find very convincing, but I was encouraged.

Pshada is a beautiful area, with rolling rivers and low hills. This picture is not the dolmen in the film, but is typical of those found in the area. This dolmen was one of a group of four on a hill across the river. The one in the footage was interesting in respect of the uprights being formed out of just one piece of rock. Broadly speaking it had the shape of a mushroom, not unlike the megaliths found on the Plain of Jars, in Laos, Thailand.