Singing to the Stones

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Mosta, Malta

This pair of dolmen on the Mosta to Gharghur road, Malta, are set in a dry stone wall enclosure, near the Victoria Lines (defensive wall, not unlike the Great Wall of China, built upon a natural fault in the rock). We were lucky enough to be accompanied by a taxi driver who helped to film the experiments to show that this is not a hoax - you can see where the voltmeter and probes are placed at the same time as seeing the readings. These dolmen are not in the best of condition, but compared to the splendours of major sites such as Hagar Qim and Mnajdra they are of very minor archeological importance and not preserved to the same standard. Fortunately this means I was able to experiment on them!

The results are not as good as at Lligwy, but hopefully a few doubting Thomases will be silenced by seeing the methods used here.

A picture of me and a very exuberant Rosie during our visit to the dolmen. I am looking extra happy because we actually have a witness to the experiments for a change. This is such a strange phenomena that I always have my doubts as to whether it is going to work or not - so I was glad that yet again, I was able to detect something with the voltmeter.

Charlie and Rosie Foulkes