Singing to the Stones

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Dolmen Mezar, Yavuzelli, Turkey

What a drama we had getting to this dolmen! One day I will write a book about my travels and the story of visiting this dolmen will definitely be in it. The dolmen stands at the edge of the road, in dry, dusty soil, in which grows a tiny, creeping type of holly. The old rocks are paper thin and riddled with holes. Plainly there are other dolmen buried nearby, the cap stones can be made out quite clearly. However, nobody pays them any attention. They are a poor tourist attraction compared to the splendour of the ruins at nearby Rumkale.

It took some time to find a "pulse" on the dolmen, but it was as live as any other. I didn't have any means of making noise other than voice by then, so it is not a particularly impressive reading. The small speaker I was using with my laptop died in Russia. The taxi driver was irritable and wanted to leave. He is doing the video you see here, with all the care of someone who has absolutely no interest whatsoever.

Rosie and I at dolmen Mezar.