Singing to the Stones

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Caucasus Mountains

This dolmen in the Caucasus mountains, Russia was the first where I detected a significant reading. It was in response to the Vedic chanting of a singer called Vita. Frankly I was as surprised as everyone else was to get any result at all! I can remember sitting in the minibus afterwards in something of a daze.

As is often the case, the highest readings were not captured on film. What is interesting to note about the short film taken, is the response to the change in pitch of the chanting.

It was something of an awkward tour, because everyone else was there due to their interest in the Anastasia series of books. In these novels the dolmen are said to have been built by the ancestors to house the souls of the dead. They are also supposed to stand as a record of a long-gone culture whose people were destroyed by genocide. It is fair to say they considered my work disrespectful and so it wasn't the easiest of situations. Sad really, as I have plenty of respect for their beliefs and am spiritual myself, with a strong faith. I also enjoy meditating on the rocks, just sitting and soaking up the energy.

The Caucasus mountains must surely win a prize for being one of the most beautiful places on the planet. What an amazing location to visit. I hope to go back there many times.

Vita, with the dolmen.

Vita with a Dolmen in the Caucasus Mountains