Singing to the Stones

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If you wish to get in touch, whether it is because you would like to join in, or because you have interesting research of your own to contribute, please send me at email at:

I also post on the Megalithic Portal web forum, under the user name electric_lady.

A Short Biography

Before becoming too sick to work, I was lecturing in Computing at University of Greenwich, London, England. My first degree is in English Literature and my MSc in Computing was awarded with distinction. I also have a postgraduate teaching certificate. Unfortunately I have psoriatic arthritis which affects my spine, neck, hips etc. Although this sounds dreadful, it has given me the opportunity to read a great deal and to think about things in the depth that most people simply do not have time to. I am 39 years old now, single mum to a lovely daughter, called Rosie. My interest in this subject is sincere (not profiteering) and I have a great affection for the stones. I do not believe that the ability to generate electricity rules out a spiritual/religious purpose for them. In fact, it is quite the opposite and I've had some very interesting experiences of that nature when in proximity of them!

Some pictures of myself and Rosie on our recent travels:

dolmen pshada
In front of a dolmen in Pshada, Russia.

dolmen mezar

In front of Dolmen Mezar, near Yavuzeli, Turkey.